What is the average commute time in each U.S. county?



This visualization does not have the most current data available. You can find an updated visualization here.


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Data Notes

The data for this visualization comes from the American Community Survey which is conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. I used the Census Bureau API to pull the 2015 5 year estimate for the mean commute time in each county. Once I had gathered the data, I used Tableau to create this visualization.

I have included the API code I used to pull the data below. Mean travel time to work (minutes) is represented by DP03_0025E. You will need a free API key to access the data. You can find out more at the Census Bureau’s Developer Page. If you want to see what counties have the longest and shortest commutes in the country, click here.


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  1. Great visualizations.

    Will you crank this up a bit? What’s it look like when you overlay the public voting data on this map and your others?


  2. If the data is granular enough to distinguish average car commute time vs. average public transit commute time, it would be interesting to see how those things compare. For example, in King County, where the average commute time is 28.1 minutes, what’s the average commute time for transit riders vs. cars?

  3. Thank you for helping people find the info they need. Good stuff as always. Keep up the great work!!!

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