What States and Counties Have the Most People Without A High School Education?


Mobile Users: If you are having issues using the interactive version of this visualization, you can find a static version of it here.

Data Notes

To gather the data for this visualization, I utilized the Census Bureau’s API to create a custom table for myself. I decided to use the ACS 5 Year Estimates for 2011-2015 so I could get data on all counties. I used the html address below to pull the data. You can find more out about the Census API at their website. You will need a free API Key to pull data from their site. This link provides a copy of the Excel workbook I created from the pull.


Once I had the data in a usable form, I used Tableau to create the visualization. I combined the data fields of “Less than 9th Grade” and “9th to 12th Grade, No Diploma” to determine the proportion of the population without a high school education. If you would like to alter or adjust the visualization, you can download the workbook using the toolbar above.

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