How Many Americans Moved in the Last Year? – Visualized by Age – Mobile



The American Community Survey estimates that 14.9% of people live at a different home than they did 12 months ago. I decided I wanted to take a look at this by age using some of my recent age distribution visualizations as a template. Here are the results.


How Many Americans Moved in the Last Year - Visualized by Age

Data Notes

The data for this visualization comes from the American Community Survey which is completed by the US Census Bureau. I used the 2014 One Year Estimates Public Use Microdata Sample which can be found on the ACS Website. This visualization uses Tableau to show the migration status of people for every age.

The visualization groups individuals into 3 groups: those who aren’t at a different address than the one they had 12 months, those who have moved within the country to a new address 12 months ago, and those who have moved from another country 12 months ago. Children that are under 12 months old are not included in the data because they hadn’t been born a year ago. A picture of the survey question has been included below.


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