2015 Fantasy Football Recap Visualization – Mobile



Earlier at the beginning of the season we did a visualization that let you make sure you drafted the best players. Now we wanted to see how ESPN did at making there projections at the beginning of the year.
Want to relive your big fantasy wins these season or figure out where you went wrong? Here is a visual recap of the 2015 Fantasy Football Season.

2015 Fantasy Football Recap Visualization

2015 Fantasy Football Recap Visualization

[accordion title=”A Note for Mobile Users” load=”hide”]How to integrate mobile users in the visualization realm continues to be an issue for users and creators. At this current time we are only publishing desktop ready versions of our graphics. That doesn’t mean we don’t want you to see them. We just hope that you use the sharing features below to facebook, tweet, or email yourself the link so you can enjoy the visualization later.[/accordion]

Available Filters

You can sort all the data in the dashboard by team, position, and name.

Player Listing

We have all the players listed by the number of points they were projected to score, how many they actually scored, and what the % difference was between those numbers. You can sort this graphic, by any of these fields or the plays name.

Points by Week

This graphic shows the number of points awarded each week. It starts out showing all the points scored in the league, but changes as you apply filters to the visualization.


This allows you to see what a player was projected to do, and what they actually did. If you think there are too many players included, just apply the filter to get a closer look at a team or position.


With the boxplots you can tell just how well a player did when compared with his peers.


The data was copy and pasted from ESPN’s Fantasy Football, cleaned in Excel, and the visualization was created in Tableau.

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