A Second Try at “Who is your Favorite NFL Team?”



Earlier today I published the results of my survey of r/samplesize and r/nfl. The post was suppose to provide intuitive tools that simply displayed the data that I gathered on who people’s favorite NFL team is. The response that I got back about the visualizations, made it clear that this wasn’t the case.

I had gotten such a positive response on the initial survey, I didn’t feel right doing a cruddy job on the visuals. I decided that I would take one more shot at creating a good visual representation of the data.


Special Thanks

I want to give a shout out to reddit user, u/Sutekhy. He was very critical of the initial design, but he was extremely helpful in helping me make the visualization better. I really appreciate the help!

The Survey

I am planning on leaving the survey open at this time. I will update it each week as I continue to get responses. I would really appreciate you taking a few seconds to complete it if you have a chance.


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