What was the Political Party Preference of Every President?



Happy President’s Day! I decided to use the little bit of extra time away from work today to create a visualization of the political party preference of each president.

The data is displayed in “Years”. I used the President who was in office the majority of the year to determine who’s name was displayed. The only exception to this rule is William Henry Harrison.

Harrison died after being president for one month, but so he was included, he is listed as the president in 1841. John Tyler became President and remained part of the Whig Party until September of that year when he became an Independent.

Their are two different views below. Our table view, which is split by decades, and our timeline view, which is a timeline since 1789. If you are viewing the visualization on your PC. You can click on a presidents, name or bubble to view the president’s Wikipedia page.



The data from this survey comes from a Wikipedia list of all the presidents. Excel was used to transcribe and prepare the data. Tableau was used to create the visualizations.

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