How Many Members of the US Military Have Died in Each War?



This Memorial Day, I wanted to create a visualization that memorializes more than 1.35 million that have lost their lives in order to protect America. The visualization below shows the number of deaths in each war, deaths per day, and deaths as a percentage of the population.


Data Notes

The data for this visualization is from a compilation of sources and was found on Wikipedia. The article is named “United States military casualties of war”. If you are interested in viewing the article you can find it here.

Once I gathered the data, I edited it in Excel and created the visualization in Tableau.

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  1. Life.Isgoode on

    The amount of deaths in the Civil War you quote disagrees with the number that had been calculated for over one hundred years. I don’t know if the recent analysis is truly better than the old number. Some of that authors new calculations and estimates could be misleading and overestimate the deaths by >100,000.

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