What is each one of your Fantasy Picks Worth?


While you can’t know until the season is over to know if you had a good draft, we wanted to give you a way to know if you are picking players too early or getting them at a bargain. By taking a list from ESPN of the projected points for each player and their rank determined by the number of point they will score, we created a logarithmic tread line. This will let you know how many projected points you should be aiming to get at each point in the draft.

By looking at the chart, you can see that if a player is to the left of the line, the rank has them as going to early. To the right of the line and they are a bargain at that pick. That being said, the other players in your draft probably aren’t drafting as efficiently as possible. If you see someone hanging around longer than they should just check the chart for how may points you would want at that point. If its lower than the projection you better snag them before they are gone.

The graphic below will let you zoom, click, and filter to see what the best options are still available. While this can’t be a cure all for all your draft needs. It’s a good place to start.

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The data was copy and pasted from ESPN’s Fantasy Football Projections, cleaned in Excel, and the visualization was created in Tableau.

Want to see a static mobile version of this? Click Here!


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