What Percentage of Their Income Do People Spend on Rent in Each County? – Interactive Scatterplot


Visualization Features

Trend line

A trend line has been added to show the expected rent based on the median income in that county. While the relationship isn’t significant, the trend line does not imply causation and definitely isn’t the only variable that could be influencing rent prices. The trend line will adjust as filters are changed. This will change the significance of the model.

State Filter

The state filter allows you to filter down to an individual state. Both the visualization and the treadline will then adjust to this selection.

County Filter

If you have an interest in a particular county you are able to find it here. Selecting a county using this filter will remove all other counties and allow you to focus directly on the point of interest.


The data for this visualization comes from the American Community Survey with is conducted by the United States Census Bureau. The data set can be found at http://factfinder.census.gov. It is labeled, MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS (IN 2014 INFLATION-ADJUSTED DOLLARS), Table B19013. The 2010-2014 5 year estimates were used since they are the most recent data available from the American Community Survey that can be used for every county. The visualization is representative of data collected in that time period.
Once the data was downloaded it was manipulated in Microsoft Excel and Access. Once it was in a usable form, it was loaded into Tableau where I rendered the visualizations and added filters.

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  1. Thank you for doing all this work. The company I worked for moved from Chantilly Virginia to Bossier city Louisiana, so this is very important data to me.

    • Thanks! I am just interested in data and visualizations. I have been making things like this in an effort to build a portfolio and get better at it.

      You should try out the free version of tableau and some of the tutorials. I really like using it. You should even be able to download this and see how it is put together.

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