How Concerned Are You About ISIS? An r/samplesize Survey



In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week, I was interested in seeing how people’s perspective of the Islamic State, ISIS, has changed. Here was the data I was able to gather from a survey on my website that was advertised on r/samplesize. Below you are able to find a visualization with adjustable filters, interesting screenshots, and analysis on the demographics for our sample of 343 respondents.



Interesting Screenshots

US Totals

ISIS Survey US

Rest of the World Totals

ISIS Survey All Other

Minors (World Wide)

ISIS Survey Minor

Adults (World Wide)

ISIS Survey Adult

Survey Information

A link to the survey was posted to our site and r/samplesize to find respondents. We were able to gather 343 respondents for our survey between 10:00 PM EST Saturday, November 14th and 9:00 PM EST Tuesday, November 17th.  We have provided some of the demographic information below.


ISIS Survey Demographic Data

If you would like to use a an interactive version of the demographic data, click here.

Sample Caveats

There are somethings that you should remember while reviewing this data. This is definitely NOT a sample that you can use to make determinations about the whole population. What this is is a sample of the community of r/samplesize and the few individuals that may have found this survey on my site on there own. If I had to define the population for this survey it would be, individuals that are interested enough to take a survey about how concerned they are about ISIS, that were able to find the survey through my website and r/samplesize.

You can also see from the demographic information that this population differs significantly from the worldwide population. This group is a much younger audience and much more male dominated than the regular population. It’s also important to remember that for this slender population still has a margin of error of slightly higher than 5% due to our small sample size. This margin of error increases as you filter groups out.

My original desire was to compare this data to a Pew Research Study that measured how concerned individuals were about the Islamic State. After reviewing the demographic data I made the determination that this sample is too small and the demographic data is too divergent from the worldwide population to do this analysis. I also was tempted to publish data on what each country’s individual results were, but that would decrease the sample size to a size that would make margin of error too large. If you are interested in this information, you can find it if you download the workbook from Tableau Public.

Data Availability/Transparency

If you are a Tableau user, you are able to download the workbook from Tableau Public. This will let you look at the data we used and the graphics we created. The fields of Gender and US/Other have been manipulated in Tableau. If we got a response of anything other than Male or Female it was coded as other.

The original data set can be found on google sheets at this link. The survey has continued to collect data, but I do not plan on updating the information on this page. If you want to use only the data I have published, use only the time range I have provided.

If you are interested in the survey methodology, you can find the questionnaire here.

Further Participation

At this time our surveys are exclusively collected from our website users and when we are able to find avenues to advertise on social media. If you would like to take one of our surveys, click here to check them out. If you would like notifications on future surveys, click here to find us on twitter.


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