Christmas Survey Results



Last Friday, we started asking r/samplesize, a reddit sub-community, “How Excited Are You About Christmas?”. Over the last week and into this morning we were able to gather more than 900 responses to that question, demographic information, and answers to the questions, ” Are you planning on celebrating Christmas?” and “Do you see Christmas as a religious holiday?”. I have presented the basic results below.


Christmas Survey 2

Data Notes

The graphic above is a static version of the results we gathered for everyone that took the survey. There was only slight data editing to fix miskeys and remove unusable information, such as a person with an age of “Pineapple” from Canada. If you are interested at taking a more in depth look at the different trends within the data or utilizing our filters, which you can see in the top right, please check out the interactive version of this visualization on your desktop or tablet.

Further Interactions

Data for visualizations like this come from surveys of our viewers. We would love it if you would take the time to take our latest survey below.

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