Author Chase

Hey Everyone! I am Chase and I came up with the idea for Overflow Data while I was working on my MPA at Arizona State University. The point of Overflow Data is to let people play with data in interesting visualizations. I hope you enjoy them! DIB verification: OverflowDs


Earlier today I published the results of my survey of r/samplesize and r/nfl. The post was suppose to provide intuitive tools that simply displayed the data that I gathered on who people’s favorite NFL team is. The response that I got back about the visualizations, made it clear that this wasn’t the case.

Exclusive Surveys

Last week we decide to ask r/samplesize and r/nfl who there favorite NFL Football Team is. We were extremely happy with the response and were able to gather nearly 1,500 responses. Below we have presented the results of the of the survey.

Best of Overflow Data

2015 was a great year for us. We launched in late August and were pleasantly surprised with the huge response we got for some of our visualizations. As always we are extremely grateful for our viewers feedback they give us and we hope you enjoy a look back at our 5 most popular visualizations of 2015.

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